Our first day was started at Dubrovnik and it was morning time when the rays of Sun kissing the earth we stepped in to the streets and walked towards the market streets. I purchased gift for her but did not gifted her immediately. She thought that I might have bought that for my sister who was asking me to buy something. After that we had delicious lunch at a famous restaurant. My wife loves fish recipes more and I ordered the best recipes for her and we were super happy. Later we went to beach and we never knew that it would be scenic like this. During the mid afternoon when evening was nearing and sun was getting ready to kiss the sea we hired sailing boat and sailed on the alluring sea. We have seen such beaches only on movies, and television. But this time it was blissful to us and in the middle of the sea I gifted her beautiful ring I bought for her. Sunset at beach, on the yacht and it was romantic and emotional. Blissful forever!!!